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Head Teacher Feedback Secondary Summer 2015

Miss Dare showed great resilience, tenacity and commitment to ensure students within the department fulfilled their potential. She possesses high expectations of herself and those she works with and is not afraid to have challenging conversations with colleagues in order to hold them to account. In terms of outcomes, under Miss Dare’s leadership the results in Maths improved considerably as a result of her relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.

Staff Feedback March 2015

What I found to be Maryse's best asset was her ability to utilize appropriate language and positive discipline to manage effective interactions with her students. As a model of appropriate behaviour she is a league of her own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments.

Student Feedback February 2015

Maryse taught me mathematics in year eight, and was one of the most positive and approachable teachers I have ever come across. She adapted her style of teaching to suit. She was strict, fair and fun. I learnt an awful lot from Maryse and the following year I was one of the students selected by the ‘gifted and talented’ scheme for mathematics and was opted in to study an additional GCSE in Statistics, despite previously struggling in maths. And this seems to have continued as I now work in finance! A few years later, when Maryse left my school I reached out to her for tutoring. Her hard-working nature, ability to explain and communicate mathematics to such an excellent standard encouraged me to reach out to her. Since, I have visited Maryse’s new school for work experience and I can see that she continues to strive in her teaching excellence. Her ability to move from my school (a grammar school) and go on to a school which struggled in a number of departments and turn this around completely demonstrates just how much of a fantastic teacher she is!!! She is completely adapatable and dynamic in her teaching abilities and communication skills. She really is the best of the best. Above all, she cares about the students.

Parent Email February 2016

You really did make Maths fun - more than any other teacher has ever done. The encouragement, confidence and motivation that you gave these children has left a lasting impression.

Student Feedback Summer 2015

I had to resit my Maths GCSE in November and with the help and support from Maryse I passed Maths going up two whole grades.

Staff Feedback March 2016

Maryse's guidance and support as a mentor during my NQT year was invaluable. Her lesson observations were supportive with positive comments interspersed with advice on how to improve on various areas of my pedagogy. From the very beginning, Maryse encouraged me by highlighting my strengths and identifying one or two weaknesses to work on before my next observation. The targets were always achievable but gave me the impetus needed to push me out of my comfort zone. Once these targets were set, Maryse offered her guidance and advice if I needed it. Whenever I asked for any advice, it was always given promptly and followed up with an offer to assist with lesson design, task selection, lesson delivery and/or post lesson reflection. So I always felt able to ask for as much or as little help as I wanted and Maryse was always approachable with a smile on her face.

Staff Feedback Primary July 2016


The children and I have really enjoyed your weekly Maths lessons. Your wealth of experience, enthusiasm for Mathematics and the relationship you developed with the children over the course of our sessions has been an inspiration. It has provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my own practice and given me some great ideas for planning and teaching Mathematics in fun and interactive ways. I look forward to having the opportunity to introduce more outdoor learning in the future.  Through observing you in action running a carousel of learning, I feel more confident to relinquish some control in lessons to promote a greater level of independence in the children.

Staff Feedback Secondary July 2016

Maryse has done more to influence my teaching practice over the last 4 years than any other person that I have encountered in a school. She has served to reignite my enthusiasm for teaching and has supported/influenced my practice in several ways, all of which have had a positive impact with students:

* Maryse advised me to write worked solutions for exam papers myself when preparing my year 11 class for their GCSEs

* Maryse has shown pedagogically sound methods to teach topics with a long term gain rather than a quick fix e.g. Factorising quadratic expressions

* Maryse recommended using online resources such as MyMaths and Manga High to cut down workload and increase the independence of students

* Maryse has stressed the importance of problem solving in the new curriculum and provided a resource packed with appropriate material to use in the classroom for this purpose

* Maryse has demonstrated how flipped learning can be used to ensure that progress in lessons is faster e.g. Students doing homework on expanding brackets before a lesson is taught on factorising expressions

* Maryse has also provided me with guidance on setting grade boundaries for tests that I create for my classes

All of the above has been done informally in little over a term. Maryse puts teaching and learning at the core of what she does. I have found this refreshing. Any teacher that wants to improve and get children learning can benefit from her vast experience and know-how.

Staff Feedback March 2015

Maryse was my mentor throughout my PGCE. From day one I found her to be an inspirational teacher, from the way she taught the subject to how she managed behavioural issues and her strong relationships with pupils and colleagues. She is firm, fair and extremely supportive. She is very dedicated to her pupils' progress and to the school's progress as a whole. Maryse knows exactly how to analyse data to ensure individual learning plans are set for each pupil to ensure they reach their full potential. I have taken many of her ideas into my own teaching and find them very effective.

My name is Maryse Dare. I have been working in education for nearly twenty years, starting as a lecturer in the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews for summer schools and access students. Two years teaching health, social and childcare (including students who were out of formal education) led to training as a maths teacher. After five years as a Head of Department I moved into consultancy to combine my love of scuba diving (I’m a PADI Dive Instructor) with my love of teaching.

I have a range of experience including time in a PRU, a grammar school and in the independent sector. I have extensive experience of supporting staff with classroom practice both formally and informally and have worked with primary and secondary schools. I have worked with trainee teachers and NQTs, and spent time as a school governor, as designated teacher for child protection and children in care, and on SLT. Support offered is dependent on the needs of the school and can be on-going to fill a gap created by PPA or a leadership need, or can be short term and intensive coaching.